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A Pennsylvania Firm Specializing in Family Law

Serving the legal needs of the families in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.

We are proud of the services we provide to our clients. Unlike other areas of law, where the adversarial parties go their separate ways at the conclusion of the proceedings, the parties to a Family Law dispute often have children, siblings, and/or other family relationships in common, or have forged bonds with their respective extended families. Because of these connections, and the emotional and financial costs associated with litigation, we believe it is necessary to work very hard toward settlement, and will not advise litigation unless all other options have been exhausted. Click here to learn more about our firm.

Some of the Legal Services we Offer


We have the experience needed to help both parties come to an amicable divorce resolution.


An agreement of this type usually is entered into prior to marriage, and consists of a plan that the couple intends to follow.

Child Support

A spouse who no longer resides with the other spouse may request entry of a child support and/or spousal support order.

Child Custody

In matters of child custody, the Court is required by Pennsylvania law to rule in the best interests of the children.


Pennsylvania has a vested interest in the care of those of its citizens who are unable to care for themselves.


In our society adoption has become an accepted way to build a family or to legally confirm already existing family.

Estate Planning

Our years of experience in estate planning, wills and trusts and other family legal services is well established. 

Probate of Estates

When a person dies leaving assets that must be transferred to the heirs by way of a signed document.

Integrated Experience in Family Law

At Knight & Moskow, P.C., we specialize in all types of family law. We are located in Media, PA and over the years have served many Pennsylvania residents and families. 

Feel free to contact us so that we may answer any questions you might have. We  are confident that we can help you. Contact us today.